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  • All bib orders incur a minimum charge of $45 CDN / $40 USD. This includes the $15 setup fee, but does not include rush fee or shipping.

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Base & Possible Upgrades
Tear-Off Area 323
Tear-Off #1
Tear-Off #2 323

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Available Upgrades:
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Upgrade Price

Tear-Off Notice:

Tear-offs are only available for the Premium Plus Product Type; sizes 6x6 or 9x6.
*Total Quantity of Bibs Required: Volume Discounts
*Bib Number Range Description:
  • 1-1000 (quantity: 1000)
  • 1-100, 201-300, 401-500 (quantity: 300)
  • 1-50 x2 (quantity: 100)
  • 200 x #1's (quantity: 200)

More Options:

Safety Pins:
*Boxes have 1440 pins (good for 360 runners)
*1 pack includes 100 Tie-Wraps
*1 pack includes 10 Lanyards
Design Options:
Standard Design - Included
For those who like it simple, we include our "Standard Design Bundle" starting at 150 units.

This provides a quick design as per order instructions, 1 revision by email, plus 1 additional revision per 2000 units ordered. (up to 3 revisions).

Custom Design $65
For that extra punch, we offer our "Custom Design Bundle".

Provides up to 1 hour of custom design time, product consultation, 2 revisions by email, plus 1 additional revision per 1000 units ordered. (up to 6 revisions)

This option is mandatory if you are uploading more than 5 image files.

Advanced Design $130
When design itself is a feature value for sponsors and participants, we recommend our "Advanced Design Bundle".

Provides up to 2 hours of senior design time, product consultation, 3 revisions by email, plus 2 additional revisions per 1000 units ordered (up to 6 revisions).

May also include 1 additional versioned design per 2000 units ordered (additional versions can be invoiced at $65/ea if required).

*All examples shown are bibs with Color, Graphics and/or Title and Background upgrades.

Proofing Options:
Orders with numbers only are processed without a client proof.
Orders with Header and Footer text above 200 units receive a client proof before printing.
Client approvals will be assumed if a response is not received within 2 business days, or by the required shipping date (which ever comes first)
Proofing Cycles
Orders are allotted 1 proof cycle per 2000 units (up to 3 proofs). Extra proofing cycles may be ordered up front.
Extra proofs: $10

Design Details:

Bib Header (ie. logo left of title):
Bib Body (ie. # in red):
Bib Footer (ie. list sequence of sponsor logos):
Note: If you specify chargeable upgrades in your notes, please be sure you have selected those upgrades above (Ie color, graphics, athlete names or data)


Bib Tear Off (specify if different from sample images):
Bib Back Print (specify if different from sample images):
Other (any other details can be provided here):
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